Jiu-Jitsu is the Grappling Art of Control that Leads to Submission.

It teaches students that their mind is their strongest tool in every situation.

It connects them with their body and brings focus to the present moment.

It provides students lifelong lessons in every aspect of its teachings.

All this (and more) is provided in our Youth Jiu-Jitsu Course!

Welcome to Theory Jiu-Jitsu Studio!

Problem Solving Under Stress

The capacity to focus on a task in a stressed environment is a skill all adults must conquer in order to be truly successful. Jiu-Jitsu teaches kids to hone their focus through tough moments and still be able to accomplish their goal.

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Mind/Body Fitness

Nothing challenges your mental and physical limitations like Jiu-Jitsu. Often referred to as “Human Chess“, your mind has to be sharp, along with being able to execute movements that increase strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Developing Strong Self-Efficacy

Self-Efficacy (the confidence to accomplish goals) is one of THE most important factors to success in a child. Jiu-Jitsu provides them many opportunities to work on a goal given to them and find the pathway to succeed exceptionally!

Our Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program has Two Focuses:


✅ De-Escalate Combative Situations!

✅ Take Someone from Standing to the Ground!

✅ Hold Down Someone Bigger with Pins!

✅ Defuse Situations Without a Single Strike!

✅ Develop Submission Hold Controls!


✅ How to be Offensive From the Bottom!

✅ Finding Opportunities to Stand Up!

✅ Counter the Most Common Pins!

✅ Submit Someone Off Your Back!

✅ Survive a Self-Defense Situation!



Sport Jiu-Jitsu Curriculum

Our Sport Jiu-Jitsu classes mixes games, drills, and technique demonstration to keep your child focused and engaged, all while having fun learning this amazing sport.

Ranking System

Every 10 Classes they will receive a White Stripe on their belt. Every 50 classes, they are promoted to their next Rank. This progresses through Blue Belt, equivalent to an Adult Rank.

Leadership Opportunities

Through training, your child will be provided opportunities to assist in demonstration, be a partner for a new student, and come into Youth Empowerment class as a Youth Ambassador!