Imagine wanting to learn a language… 

You hear people speak it, you love the words, and you finally find a class that teaches it. 
But instead of being shown a basic framework, you get taught a word or two, 

then are instantly thrown into a full-on conversation!

Overwhelming? Sadly, this is how a majority of Jiu-Jitsu programs are structured.


Here is the Theory Jiu-Jitsu Studio approach…


Organized Curriculum

You will be provided the most comprehensive framework of Jiu-Jitsu, how the pieces fit together, and how to make it all “click”!

Self-Defense / Sport / Fitness

Not only do we cover self-defense scenarios, but demonstrate the sport itself, along with it being one of the best cardiovascular workouts ever!

Focused Sparring

This Course utilizes micro-sparring, where partners add physical resistance to
content shown to build resilient habits!

Fundamentals Offers Two Types of Classes:


✅ De-Escalate Combative Situations!

✅ Take an Opponent to the Ground!

✅ Navigate Complex Guard Styles!

✅ Freeze Opponents with Top Pins!

✅ Master Submission Game Plans!


✅ Initiate and Play the Open Guard!

✅ Create Ultimate Guard Retention!

✅ Counter the Most Common Pins!

✅ Escape Locked-Up Submissions!

✅ Survive a Self-Defense Situation!


'Women's Only' Class Options

We understand the value of offering opportunities for like-minded women to train together in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. This is why we provided designated Jiu-Jitsu sessions to work with other women who would like the same!


Our semi-private format provides the quickest way to start having the conversation of this “physical language”. We have the confidence that after only 10 Sessions you will develop a solid understanding to speak Jiu-Jitsu.

Course Assessment

After your 10 sessions are completed, the Fundamentals Assessment is unlocked, where you will demonstrate your Jiu-Jitsu knowledge. After successful completion, the Advanced Class unlocks, where Jiu-Jitsu goes next level.

Theory Membership

All-Access Training
$ 100 / Monthly
  • UNLIMITED Training!
  • Fundamental Course + Advanced Curriculum
  • Morning/Evening Options
  • 4th Family Member is FREE
  • 6-Month Package (One Month FREE)
  • 12-Month Package (Two Months FREE + Rashguard)

Premium Membership

Unlimited Sessions
$ 150 / Monthly
  • All Features of Monthly Membership
  • One 60-Minute Private a Month ($75 Value)

10-Class Punch Card

For Infrequent Schedules
$ 250 One-Time Purchase
  • 10 Flexible Jiu-Jitsu Sessions
  • Best Option for Busy Schedules
  • Valid for One Year


Focused Training Opportunities
$ 75 / Hour
  • Personal Skill Assessment
  • Custom Lesson Plans
  • Resources to Study/Improve
  • Follow Up Reach-Out