Jiu Jitsu Appleton

APRIL 23, 2022



Kelson Casey v. Addison Reiser (Grey Gi) – 10:00 AM

Lydia Stanley v. Ethan Hutterer (Grey Gi) – 10:10AM


Tim Klein v. Clint Rusch (White NoGi) – 10:30AM

Daemien Luangpraseuth v. Tanner Kinjerski (White NoGi) – 10:45AM

Omar Choudhury v. Eric Wedekind (Black/Brown NoGi) – 11:00 AM

Eileen Spence v. Rebecca Carter (White Gi) – 11:15AM 

Nick Huberty v. Ryan Sample (Blue NoGi) – 11:30 AM

Dilon Kitzerow v. Ron Sheldon (Purple NoGi) – 11:45 AM

Sam Busse v. Chris Guderski (White Gi) – 12:00 PM

Corey Vistain v. Damien Blake (White NoGi) – 12:15 PM

Fabian Jiminez v. Hunter Boe (Blue NoGi) – 12:30 PM

John Nick v. Dan Almario (Blue NoGi) – 12:45 PM

Danyce Rodriguez v. Sara Kouba (Purple Gi) – 1:00PM

Joey Velasques v. Robert Tahtinen (Black Gi) – 1:15 PM



    • Spectators to the event will be a $5 admission fee that can be paid at the door. This will cover the entire event. Depending on event attendance, we will allow seating alongside the border of the training mat, as long as your pants do not have any metal zippers to catch on the pads. 
    • For Promotional Purposes, each match will also be filmed and every competitor provided an unlisted private YouTube link to your match after the event. 
    • Prizes: Winners will receive a prize for Match Victories (Medal), Submission Victories (+$50 Adults), and Best Event Submission (+$100 Adults / Best Submission Trophy). 
    • Matches will be 10 Minutes in duration (5 Minutes for Youth). This allows competitors time not only to implement in their game, but by half way, cardiovascular conditioning will play a factor, allowing offense/defense to weaken and more opportunities for each competitor. Please arrive 30 Minutes before your match is scheduled to help provide a smooth flow from one match to the next.
    • Every competitor is allowed One Coach to be cornering them, meaning one person that is permitted to give tactics. 
  • Victory Method 1: Submission:  Submission victory will come from the opponent verbally/physically “submitting/tapping” to their partner. Matches will be stopped if an opponent suffers an injury and can’t continue or they pass out due to a choke. We have found Points detour competitors from pursuing submission victories, along with creating stalling situations.
    • BEST EVENT SUBMISSION: The Best Event Submission award will be judged by the Referee and Judges based on the Submissions that occurred at the event. Factors can include the creativity of the setup, late-stage comeback tactic, or originality of the movement. We are looking for masterful expressions of submission, control, and creativity, not just quick submission application.
    • There will be TWO Best Event Submission trophies for Youth and Adults.
    • ALL Submissions MUST be applied with control, allowing your partner time to recognize the submission is occurring and be able to submit (physically and/or verbally) in order to claim a Submission Victory. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be subject to disqualification. Each competitor takes responsibility for extended periods of submissions being applied to them and their decision to submit to them. If you feel that you are unable to apply a submission without control, use the opportunity to advance positionally and this submission attempt will be seen favorably in the eyes of the judges. 
  • If the match goes the distance, victory will be decided by…
  • Victory Method 2: Judges’ Decision: If the match goes the full 10 Minutes, the victor will be decided by 3 impartial judges.
    • Positional Dominance/Progression, Submission Threats, and Stalling Attempts (disengaging, extended pinning times) will be major contributing factors to their decisions. 
    • Match Victory by Judges’ Decision will not be award a cash prize. 
    • For those who disagree with a ruling, the match allotment is a large breadth of time to implement a successful strategy for victory, on top of 3 judges’ giving their majority unbiased decision.
  • Illegal Moves:
    • Slams (from Guard / Standing Suplex Style / Walking Around with Opponent / Takedowns must be in one continuous flow) 
    • Jumping Guard / Flying Scissor Takedown (Kani Basami)
    • Neck Cranks (Twisters / Can Openers)
    • Small-Joint Manipulation / Wrist Locks (can be used tactically for advancement/reactions but not locked in for submission)
    • For Youth/White/Blue  No Heel Hooks (due to the lack of positional control and escapes, tap early to all joint-lock submissions if you feel discomfort or cannot escape). Leg Locks such as a Straight Footlock, Toe Hold, and Knee Bar are allowed, but as stated earlier, fall into the same rulings of control for a submission.
    • Any other questionable match tactic violations are at discretion to the Referee to disqualify someone if he feels that it is endangering their opponent. If it is not listed here and you feel it might be in the grey area of acceptance, please contact us prior to the match.