Competitors: Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled match for check-in and weigh-ins. Bear in mind, matches could potentially start earlier if previous bouts end quickly due to early submission victories, and both participants are present and ready.

Spectators: We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the match you intend to watch. This ensures you don’t miss any of the action due to potential schedule adjustments.

Punctuality is key to a smooth, efficient event. We appreciate your cooperation!

Kelson Casey
Ryland Dunkleberger
Corey Franz
Isaiah Culp
Hunter Boe
Rico Tally
Isaiah Young
Coleman Meyer
Billy Nelson
Kyle Scherzinger
Kaleb Zahn
Kage Weseman
Kaise Pulson
Adam Kuhn
John Nick
Mason Sabel
Tim Shelton
Samuel Loomans
Ryan Eggert
Paris Leflore
Tanner Kluck
Dan Almario
Brady Peterson
Jacob Mueller
Nate Weseman
Efrain Rodriguez
Taylor Hartman
Steven McKenzie
Terrence Andrews
John Matusewic
Jorge Reyes
Jason Honensee
Mateusz Lim
Josh Sevigny
Justin Birschbach
Devin Lutovsky
Nick Summers
Jackie Johnson
Linghua Wang
Ron Sheldon
Dellonta Mills
Ben Braun
Israel Romero
Kelson Casey*
Ryland Dunkleberger*
Kaleb Zahn*
Kage Weseman*


Get ready for an exhilarating showcase of grappling skills at Theory Grappling Invitational 3, presented by Theory Jiu-Jitsu Studio! Join us on June 17, 2023, in Appleton, Wisconsin, as competitors of all levels come together to prove their prowess on the mat in this thrilling, exclusive event!

📌 Competitor Match-Ups: Competitors will be paired with opponents of similar weight and skill levels. If there are no perfect matches, we will reach out to those with close skill/weight profiles. A match will only be scheduled if both competitors agree to their opponent’s skill and size. Competitors will have access to a scale at the studio to ensure both parties are comfortable with each other’s weight.

🎟️ Spectators: Admission to the event is just $5 Cash at the Door. Due to limited seating, we kindly ask spectators to sit along the edge of the mat area to ensure a clear view for everyone. We encourage all spectators to maintain a positive and supportive environment for the participants by refraining from negative remarks. Any disruptive behavior may result in a warning or potential removal from the event. Please keep noise and conversations to a low whisper so competitors can focus and listen to their coaches.

📣 Coaching & Corner Support: Each competitor is allowed to have a coach in their corner during the match, offering guidance and encouragement. However, coaches must prioritize their participant’s safety and well-being. Any advice that might put a participant at risk, such as suggesting questionable tactics or encouraging them not to tap out during a submission, could result in disqualification for their participant. Coaches should act responsibly and ensure they prioritize the safety and well-being of their participants above all else.

⏰ Match Schedule & Arrival Time: The first match of Theory Grappling Invitational 3 will commence at 10 AM sharp. Competitors are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled match to account for any matches that may conclude earlier than expected, along with checking in at our iPad station upon arrival so that we can continue to matches along knowing Competitors have arrived. 

⏱️ Match Duration: Each match will last 10 minutes, allowing competitors ample time to showcase their skills and adapt to their opponents. This time frame also tests cardiovascular conditioning, leading to potential opportunities for both offense and defense.

🥋 Victory Method 1 – Submission: Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art where the ultimate goal is to emerge victorious by incapacitating your opponent. Points can be controversial and may lead to stalling or gaming of a system. To avoid such issues, victories are determined by successful submissions, rather than points, or the following method: judges.

👨‍⚖️ Victory Method 2 – Judges’ Decision: If no submission occurs within the 10-minute time frame, the winner will be determined by a panel of three impartial judges. They will consider factors such as positional dominance/progression, submission threats, and stalling attempts (holding an opponent for an extended amount of time without advancement toward a more dominant position or submission finish). With 10 minutes provided to secure victory, along with three judges providing unbiased decisions towards a specific competitor, disputes should be minimized.

🏅 Prizes: Match Victories earn winners a medal, Submission Victories are awarded an additional $50 for Adults, and the Best Event Submission earns a bonus of $100 and a special Trophy! The Best Event Submission will be announced at the end of the competition day. If you are unable to stay or need to leave early, don’t worry! You will be contacted later to arrange a time to collect your award at the Theory Jiu-Jitsu Studio.


❌ Illegal Moves: The following moves are prohibited:

  • Slams (Takedowns should be one fluid motion with no additional effort to increase damage only to transition your opponent to the floor) – this includes Slamming by picking up the opponent and bringing them down to the ground with the intention of breaking open their legs (Triangle Chokes / Closed Guard) 
  • Flying Scissor Takedown (Kani Basami)
  • Jumping Guard
  • Neck Cranks (Can Opener movements / Twister)
  • Small Joint Manipulation (grabbing less than three digits)
  • Wrist Locks
  • Calf/Bicep/Hamstring Slicers
  • Any questionable tactics will be left to the referee’s and judges’ discretion. If you have any questions about any tactics or match format, please contact us prior to the event, other wise participants will agree to a stoppage made by the ref. 

🦵Heel Hooks: Heel Hooks will be allowed at the discretion of both competitors. If both parties agree to their inclusion, they will be permitted in the match. However, if one competitor is not comfortable with Heel Hooks, they will not be allowed during the match. Straight Ankle Locks, Knee Bars, and Toe Holds are Legal (both Gi and NoGi).

Competitors should tap early to joint-lock submissions if they cannot escape. On the flip side, competitors must also provide opportunities for their opponents to submit. Ripping a submission without the opportunity for your opponent to recognize the danger they are in for them to submit is prohibited.

Tapping Out‘ includes the yelling of ‘Tap!’, double-tapping on the floor or opponent, or specifically, any verbal yell (indicating injury). As always, it is the discretion of the Referee to decide when a match is over, as the number one priority is safety over victory.