Imagine wanting to learn a language… 

You hear people speak it, you love the words, and you finally find a class that teaches it. 
But instead of being shown a basic framework, you get taught a word or two, 

then are instantly thrown into a full-on conversation!

Overwhelming? Sadly, this is how a majority of Jiu-Jitsu programs are structured.


Here is the Theory Jiu-Jitsu Studio approach…


Systems-Based Approach

Never get lost again with what your goals are in a match, with guidelines giving you the tools necessary to dominate every single match.

Collaborative Community

Work alongside other classmates as they help progress your game with feedback, and as your skills increase, doing the same for others.

Promotion Curriculum

Every rank promotion is custom-based around your personal game, not on set time. Complete goals at every rank, black belt, and beyond!

Advanced Offers Two Categories of Classes:

Top Game

✅ Control / De-Escalate Combative Situations!

✅ Develop High-Percentage Takedowns!

✅ Navigate Around Legs with Guard Passes!

✅ Hold Opponents with Top Pins!

✅ Master Submission Families!

Bottom Game

✅ Initiate and Play the Open Guard!

✅ Create Ultimate Guard Retention!

✅ Counter the Most Common Pins!

✅ Escape Locked-Up Submissions!

✅ Survive a Self-Defense Situation!


The Modern Game

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the most updated material in the Jiu-Jitsu world, ensuring students have the sharpest tools available.

This includes NoGi Wrestling, Lapel Guards, Leg Locks, Interlocking Systems, and more!

Flexible Schedule

We understand that everyone has sporadic schedules and lifestyles that aren’t all the same. With that, we pride ourselves in offering Morning classes for those who find that these sessions work best to fit Jiu-Jitsu in to their lives. 

Roy Dean Affiliation

Theory Jiu-Jitsu Studio is Roy Dean’s FIRST affiliation in the state of Wisconsin.

This innovative style blends the focus of craftsman focus on technique, while ensuring the spirit of Jiu-Jitsu “keeps its teeth” with realism.

Theory Membership

All-Access Training
$ 100 / Monthly
  • UNLIMITED Training!
  • Fundamental Course + Advanced Curriculum
  • Morning/Evening Options
  • 4th Family Member is FREE
  • 6-Month Package (One Month FREE)
  • 12-Month Package (Two Months FREE + Rashguard)

Premium Membership

Unlimited Sessions
$ 150 / Monthly
  • All Features of Monthly Membership
  • One 60-Minute Private a Month ($75 Value)

10-Class Punch Card

For Infrequent Schedules
$ 250 One-Time Purchase
  • 10 Flexible Jiu-Jitsu Sessions
  • Best Option for Busy Schedules
  • Valid for One Year


Focused Training Opportunities
$ 75 / Hour
  • Personal Skill Assessment
  • Custom Lesson Plans
  • Resources to Study/Improve
  • Follow Up Reach-Out